Greek Pizza

A long, long time ago I worked at Sequoyah Memorial Hospital. I worked 48, then 40 hour shifts. That was a great place to work. The hi-lite of the weekend was my ordering a Greek Pizza from Mazzio’s and having it delivered when I was about to the point of eating my hair.

I can honestly say, the first time I ever ate one of their Greek Pizzas, I almost cried…it was like no other pizza I had ever eaten in my life. Removed from tomato, it had so many different flavors…I promise you, I got one every weekend after I tasted that first bite.

I haven’t worked in Sallisaw since 2009 or ’10…but I have always had “Greek Pizza” in my brain. So…finally…tonite I made a Greek Pizza of my own…and it rocks!!!!!!!

This is what you need to duplicate this fantastic pizza:

OK…list of ingredients:

Flat Bread – what ever you can get your hands on in cuisine challenged USA (out of this package, I used 4 breads…I have 2 leftovers.)

Greek Vinaigrette.

Feta Cheese

leftover rotisserie chicken – chopped (I also had a single piece of fried chicken strip that I chopped up and put in the blend)

freshly grated Parmesan (or assiago….or both…whatever makes a pretty sprinkling over the “pizzas”)

.chopped artichoke hearts (just get a small jar of marinated and quartered – rinse them and chop)

chopped Greek Olives

Pepperoncini peppers, chopped

chopped tomatoes

shredded mozzerella

400 degrees for 10 minutes.

I think, if you try this, you will be pleased.


One thought on “Greek Pizza

  1. Hilda White says:

    That looks so good! Can you give details as to the layering? And can you get everything here?

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