Eat Your Vegetables

I am from Arkansas…I will FOREVER verbalize the word “vegetable” utilizing 3 syllables, while at the same time hearing Ivan,  in my head,  enunciating “VEGETABLE” as 4 distinct syllables – Vej-ee-ta-bool.  If I ever became vegetably creative, Ivan would call me on it!  I didn’t stand a chance!

As for me and Veggies, I’ve always eaten them…..but in an overcooked, vitamin exhausted sort of way.  Oh, my friends, I have been reading……and studying….and I want to do a better job of replenishing my body of nutrients.  You know, I’ve been sucking cigarette smoke into my lungs for 30 years…so, now that I don’t want to do that any more, it’s time to attack all that I know in order to turn my mindset around.  So, let me begin with vegetables….

If you are not a fan of fresh vegetables, let me give you this…Take a package of Ranch Dressing mix and a container of Fat-Free Cottage cheese…something so simple can make a difference.  Throw it all together in the blender and hit “liquefy”

You can pour it back into the cottage cheese container and throw it in the fridge.  Then, grab you some vej-ee-ta-bools and dip them in the cottage cheese mixture.  Better than French Fries.  Seriously!

If you want to know…you can eat 1/2 cup of this “dip” and you will have ingested 80 calories…..but the best part is that you will have also taken in 11g of protein!  On top of all of that, you have eaten fresh, raw vegetables.  How sweet is that??????

Please let me know if you try this or if you have ever tried it.


One thought on “Eat Your Vegetables

  1. Hilda White says:

    I love it…I LOVE IT !

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