My Marijuana Opinion

As for the medical marijuana act….if you have ever seen someone suffering and unable to eat because of all the MAN MADE chemicals they have pumping through their veins…maybe you should consider legalizing something that grows naturally in most zones.  I seriously DO NOT understand why marijuana is illegal.  I may not partake, but I cannot understand why it is illegal. Oh, sure…I smoked it when I was a teenager – sorry, Mom, maybe you knew…and I actually turned into a somewhat productive individual…I was actually able to go to college and join the work force!  SHOCKER!

How did Alcohol ever become legal?  It has to be processed…and that’s all acceptable, but not marijuana…oh, no…something that sprouts out of the ground…something that you have to do nothing with other than dry it, roll it into a cigarette, or eat it in a brownie….oh…that crap is illegal.  Yep…we’re gonna throw people in jail for selling something that they can grow in their back yard.

Makes me angry.  Makes me shake my head.


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