Today, I got off work at 7am.  I had convinced myself that I needed to sleep in order to save the week ahead of me…so I did.  I set my alarm for noon….I finally dragged out of bed at 1:30, drag I did…I felt like I had a hangover..I was puffy and felt pretty terrible (which is why I don’t take naps)…but I have honestly been working on my mindset and determined that this little “uncomfortableness” would pay off. 

Pay off it did….around 3pm I felt like a champ!  Down the road I went with Demon Dog.  We walked, we played, we visited….got home about 5:30….then out to the shop I went.


The new shop….well, it is an old shop that has been resurrected!  It’s beautiful!  For years, I wouldn’t go to the shop….for any amount of begging or bribing….there was no way I was going out there (it was overrun with critters and junk).  Now….I love the place…it’s bright (great lighting and Steve has painted the inside white on white). AND…there are power tools out there!  Power tools that my hyper little self needed today.  I’m building a potting bench.  I took a carpentry class many moons ago.  I took it because I wanted to be a part of building the house that Steve and I eventually wanted to build…but I mostly took it to get over my fear of power tools….saws in particular.  I work in radiology…which means, I take “x-rays” of things as simple as  someone’s nauseated and upset intestines to major trauma, which includes  amputated extremities…in particular, digits…(fingers or toes).  I’ve seen a billion table saw mishaps in the 30 years I’ve been involved in radiology.  OK…maybe not “a billion” but hundreds, I’m sure.  In the early days, I FEARED power tools….saws, nail guns, you name it….then…I took the class that Dick Wennberg taught at the local community college.  We built a mini-house.  I was a part of framing, planing, dry wall, nailing, sawing, roofing…yep, I got to do it all….but that was a very long time ago….probably around 1990.  I have had a chance to rebuild my fear of power tools since then…but fear precedes respect.  I started building my potting bench today…I was slamming that chop saw…and it felt good.  I respect that chop saw…I respect that table saw to the degree that I decided I was too tired to mess with it tonight….but I can’t wait to jump on that bad boy tomorrow!

October birthdays are rather thick in my family and friend circle.  Today is my sister’s birthday.  For some reason, she will always be 12.  She was 12 when I moved out of the house, went to college and got married – I guess that is why she is still 12 in my head….when I see her, she looks to be 12….I see her in a different way than any of her friends or any of the rest of our family/world sees her.  I don’t know how to explain it.  I’m hoping other “sisters” know what I’m talking about and that I’m not completely crazy.  I love that little girl that she was….and I love the woman she has become.  She is a Mom and a Mommy…she is pretty much the coolest person I know.  I hate that we’re a thousand miles away from each other…but I know she is doing just fine.

Look out Tuesday!

Naps, Power Tools, and Birthdays


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