Rant of the Day – 97,fat and breasts

A few days a go I had the privilege of spending a little time with a 97 year old woman. As I grow older, I am coming less and less able to determine a person’s age simply by physical appearance. I think, however, without a doubt, that if I met this woman in Wal-Mart that I would never guess that she was 97 years of age. As we spoke, I came to realize that her hearing was probably much better than mine and her mind was sharp. This lady’s physique was toned and amazingly taut. We talked about many things, but what stood out was her statement that she and her husband walked two miles every day! EVERY DAY – this lady is 97 years old! WOW!

So…I went to work today, came home… walked the demon dog… then decided, “I’ve got this free membership at Curves for a month…I’m going to go work out! Which I did. Then I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things I needed for supper tonight.

Out of the doors of the grocery store walks a little girl, who could be no more than 6 years old. She was walking with an adult male who was either her father or step-father (one never knows these days). That “little” girl probably weighs more than me! I immediately became infuriated! The poor thing was walking with her back arched because her belly and legs were so large! She had a 20oz. bottle of Pepsi under her right arm! If I could have taken that man and kicked his ass I would have! It made me so mad…then, after I calmed down a bit, it made me so very sad. I know “normal” food is expensive…feeding kids off the dollar menu at McDonald’s seems to be the “norm” for many. But, when your child becomes abnormally pudgy, which this child clearly was, you need to take responsibility and make some changes! That poor little girl is going to have HELL at school. If she keeps going the way she is going, I can’t see her living to be 30. AND THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! Placing a young person at such a disadvantage is a criminal act – in my opinion.

Now that I’m going all kinds of crazy…let me tell you what else drives me nuts.

BREASTS! I work in the medical field. If I want or expect to see breasts, they should first be covered by a blue and/or white gown, that’s how breasts should be presented to me; HOWEVER, breasts are out there, within 12 inches of my face at times. I don’t want or need to see breasts…I have two of my own that I see daily. The shirts that big and/or big breasted girls wear tend to present breasts to me in a rather annoying manner. Yes, I am female…I have breasts that, at times, seem to have a life of their own…but I wear clothes that keep them covered up. I made the statement at work today, after seeing many breasts that needed to be covered, “I’m hoping turtleneck weather is coming soon…I hope turtlenecks are the fashion statement of the season.” Oh…you should have heard the accolades and witnessed the “high-fives”. Girls, keep your girls covered! Keep them sacred and hold them holy. PLEASE keep them out of my face and out of my 20/20!

OK…demon dog is barking/squealing. Time for me to calm down, throw the data out, and prepare for tomorrow.


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