Yes, I have been confused for several weeks now.  Actually…it’s been going on for a couple of years.  I can’t remember any conversation I’ve had with anyone for any longer than 20 minutes and if I walk into a room, I’m really not sure why I walked in there in the first place. I really don’t know what’s up with that other than I’m postmenopausal and I will blame everything on that circumstance…it is a fact as documented by lab tests and acknowledged by physician(s).  Now, I can blame everything on menopause.

I could be your new best friend…you can tell me anything and I won’t remember regardless of any kind of torture.

With that in mind (LOL) I have the occasional FB post to remind me that I have promised recipes…and there are a few of them….

But first…let me tell you what I’ve been up to.  I’m having a lucid moment and feel the need to post!

Last week I had to go to Eureka Springs for Master Gardener Leadership Training.  Well, Fayetteville happened to be along the way, so I contacted an old friend I hadn’t seen in a few years…….and I stayed with her…we stayed up late and laughed so much that my cheeks were actually a little tender the next day!Headed to Eureka Springs the next morning….It was a beautiful drive along HWY 23 – AKA “the Pig Trail”  I really enjoyed the drive.  The leaves had a little hint of red/orange.  It was quite beautiful…..

The meetings began at 1pm!  I had a great time and took lot’s of notes, since I don’t remember anything more than 20 minutes – LOL!  As fate would have it, the gal I was sitting next to (on my left) was from my home town!  The gal to her left was the queen of Farmer’s Markets….I’m wanting to do something with our local Farmer’s Market…and to be sitting there with her…well…it was amazing!

So…you’ve made it this far…let’s get to the food!

I came home Wednesday evening…and I was pretty much pathetic…no cognitive thoughts were occurring…my brain did click in and I worked the weekend… by Sunday I was skimming any and every magazine and blog post I had access to…I was going to cook come Monday!  And cook I did…I made chilies relleno!  A friend of mine had bragged on this recipe and I requested it from her…so I made it!  Here’s the recipe  and a couple of pics

Let me warn you…this recipe is labor intensive!  I think I had every dish in the house dirtied up making this…but the rellenos were true and the sauce was something to dream about!  I cooked it down until it was very thick and it was DELICIOUS!!!!!!

Earlier in the day…I made granola bars.  Oh, yeah…this blog always has some fantastic recipes, but this recipe  made me wake up!  ABSOLUTELY a delicious granola recipe…as a matter of fact, I think I will always have some of these on hand…
I think I’m caught up.  if I’ve forgotten a recipe, let me know.


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