Letter of the day: “P”

Yesterday was actually the “P” day…I wrote a post, but I am still unfamiliar with this whole ‘blog’ thing and I guess I sent the post to that strange, TwilightZonewwwblackhole.

It was just a sort of weird thing that ‘p’ words kept creeping into my day.

I got off work at 7am after working my final 12 hour shift of the weekend.  I drove up to the house, hit the garage door opener, the door began to rise and there was Steve’s truck.  He hadn’t called me and he should have been gone for work; but there was his truck, unmoved.  I began to panic, so much so that I’m surprised that the front end of my car wasn’t embedded in the back wall of the garage because I don’t remember putting it in park or shutting off the key.  I bailed out of my car and bolted into the house.  I threw open the bedroom door…. and it hit me…aroma d’ Puke!  It was all I could do to keep from puking myself.  I told the girls at work today that I now understand why I was never gifted with a baby.  I was first relieved to see that Steve was pink in color and among the living….then, I was no longer concerned about his well being..all I could think was, “How am I going to get this smell out of this house!?!?”  Now, understand, I realized I was thinking this while my poor husband was laying listless in the bed and I felt guilty for a split second…then the smell returned to my nostrils.

Out came the gloves, bucket and bleach.

Got the bedroom and bathroom bleached (which involved floors AND walls – it was BAD).  Then I shut the bedroom door and hoped for the best.

Then came the relentless urge to be outside.  I decided that I needed to pick peppers.  My pepper plants have been loaded, and the cayenne peppers were especially beautiful.  So I picked peppers.

I washed them up and put them in the dehydrator.  I also had a bunch of jalapenos.  I just left them in the colander and stuck them in the outside refrigerator….a gal can only handle so much in one day.

I then made laundry soap.  I’ll give the instructions for this at a later date.

Oh, and I almost forgot the Pup!

I had to take her out to pee and poop…you know, those things that dogs do….and I noticed that the hair on her back looked a little weird.  Her hair is normally quite sleek and shiny…but she had these weird patches of ick… It struck me, poor pup must have gotten in the way of flying puke!  So, off to the bathtub she went…That was the easiest dog bath I have ever given in my entire life of having dogs.

Then, I had loads and loads of laundry to take care of and this picture is of her helping me out with the laundry.  She really likes socks…I have to keep an eye on her at all times while I’m folding the laundry.

Later, it was time to think about supper.  My callous, unsympathetic self decided that I needed to be a little more caring.  I decided that poor hubby might be able to tolerate Potato Soup…..

I made Vickie’s Potato Soup….It’s an easy recipe and it is DELICIOUS!  I don’t have a picture…but it’s Potato Soup!

Vickie’s Potato Soup

8 potatoes, cubed

1 onion, chopped

2 stalks celery, diced

6 cubes chicken buillion

1 pint half and half

bacon (I use a package of Oscar Meyer real bacon bits)

1 can of cream of mushroom soup

cheddar cheese

Combine potatoes, onion, celery and bouillion in a large pot.  Add just enough water to cover.  Cook until potatoes are almost done.  Add half-n-half, bacon and mushroom soup.  Stir until creamy.

Add cheese to individual bowls.

There you have it!  My “P” full Monday finally ended around 10:30 p.m.  after also making breakfast quiches and treating the mattress with baking soda and a vacuum cleaner.

I went to work today…came home…the house smelled fantastic.  I loaded it up with Glade and Renuzit.

Steve is well!  YIPPEEEEE!!!!

All is good with the world.


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