It’s Monday!

For me, it’s TGIM!!!!!! YIPPPEEEEEEE!!!!!  I’m only saying this because any given week, I get to see so many posts that rejoice the arrival of Friday, which is the beginning of my “Work Week” and I don’t share the enthusiasm for Friday.

Yes, I am a member of that strange subculture that drags in on Friday while the majority of the workforce is skipping out the door, stripping their work clothes off, gassing up their RV’s, boats and ATV’s.

I must admit, at one time in my life I believed that those who worked weekends were a little, um, shall we just say, “OFF.”   I assumed that these people were all “forced” to work those miserable shifts.  Of course, I was pre-40….oh, heck…that ideation was actually developed when I was in my 20’s.  I guess I thought that people who worked the weekend weren’t really people, just some alien representation thereof.   I mean…when I was in my 20’s and early 30’s….working the weekend was some sort of punishment for being a member of the workforce.  Now…. you must realize that I have always worked in the health field and didn’t really think much of any other trade…because any other vocation was, of course, there to serve my needs…like food and happiness.  I was certain that those making me content while I was working were high school kids trying to make a buck or college students trying to get where I was.  Yes, one could say I was oblivious to the reality of the human workforce and that REAL life actually happens 7 days a week – not five.

I actually LOVE working nights on the weekend.  I get off work on Monday morning and I am the happiest person on the planet.  I feel compelled to cram everything into a day that I missed doing over the weekend, I’m usually exhausted by the time I go to bed Monday night.  I get up and go to my dream job on Tuesday…work a few hours…and when I’m sitting on my porch or digging in the dirt Tuesday evening or during the day on Wednesday or Thursday, I’m thanking God that I have been given the opportunity to work with all those other subculture humanoids the “other” nights of the week.


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