Don’t Judge Me

I’m not sure how it happened….but today..I rationalized my way into buying a pack of cigarettes…and smoking some of them there cigarettes…..

Now, if I weren’t serious about this “quitting smoking” thing, I would have kept this to myself and no one would know the otherwise…..but I would like to shame myself a bit.

NOW…I feel the need to express my disappointment in a few people I have encountered in the past 10 days of this endeavor….

When a person says,  “I quit  _____ so many [hours, days, weeks, months, years] ago”….do not reply with, “I quit cold turkey and I’ve never looked back”….I KNOW you are lying.  You know…it’s kind of like a woman who has given birth….she has her child to look at and forgets the trauma that her body went through in order to incubate and deliver that child.  I don’t believe that anyone who finally rids themself of an addiction did it without some sort of suffering.

Quitting smoking is the most difficult thing I’ve ever done.  I’m not doing it very well, but I’m determined to put it in my past. I’ve felt too good for the past 10 days to NOT quit.

The Polk County Fair is coming up this week and I will be busy….busy is GOOD.  As long as I”m busy, I’m not smoking.

This little dog is driving me insane…but that’s another story…..


2 thoughts on “Don’t Judge Me

  1. Hilda White says:

    Oh boy..I’m reporting you to my “Pull for Michelle” blog. I forgot to warn you that day 10 is a killer…it is the time when the mind talks you into saying…see that wasn’t so bad…quitting smoking…now reward yourself with a cig.

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