So we have a new baby…and I can’t eat a cigarette….

Today, we adopted Maggie.  I picked her up from the Vet’s office after she had her surgery (spaying).  She seems to be quite a sweet little doggie; however, she has thrown up all over the place.  Just water….but throwing up none the less.  As the evening has turned into night time…she seems to be feeling a little better, though she hasn’t touched her food.  We will continue to talk to her…I will take her outside a couple more times.  Tomorrow I hope to see that she is perking up and keeping water down.

As for my not smoking…I’m still not..but today has been terrible!  I feel like I”m gaining weight by the second, which frightens the heck out of me.  But I know I can get rid of the weight as soon as I start walking again (training for the half marathon).  I will begin training on Monday, though the official training doesn’t begin until October.

I go to work this weekend, so there will be no dog tales until Monday.  I am hoping I have wonderfully funny and informative stories to share by then.


One thought on “So we have a new baby…and I can’t eat a cigarette….

  1. Kim Pittman says:

    Poor Maggie….she’s probably having side affects from anesthesia…..keep up the good work with the smoking!

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