REALLY new post – dog/kid to be

The post from earlier was actually written a few days ago…you know…I’m just trying to get up and going on this BLOG thing.
A friend of mine found this little dog last week.  Apparently, this dog didn’t get along with the dog already at home.  SO…the dog went to another friend….that didn’t work out…so…we are meeting tomorrow..with the dog..after she is spayed.  Oh, she’s gonna love US.  She’s going to wake up and there we are going to be, she will have pain and will think we are responsible.

I’m looking forward to having this little booger around….haven’t had a puppy in a long time.  She’s 10-11 months old…I hope she doesn’t destroy our leather sectional.  I’m thinking she will have to stay in our bedroom when we aren’t around.  We’ll see.


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