Hello world!

I’m not really sure why I have decided to begin this blog other than I like to talk…and I spend a lot of time alone which is not conducive to talking.  Well, I talk to myself (and yard critters and inanimate objects) a lot and I think I’m quite brilliant while conversing with myself.

My husband and I have been “host parents” of 5 exchange students…not all at once and not now….but over the years.  Vanessa (Brazil) lived with us in 1997.  Tomo (Japan) lived with us 2003-04.  Cristina (Italy) was here 2004-05.  Julian (Germany) was here  2010-11.  Our last kiddo was Ivan (Spain) 2011-12.  Being a host mom has been a most wonderful experience.  These kids are so special to me in so many ways.

My passions include gardening (both flower and vegetable) and cooking.

As for now…I am quitting smoking.  That is the biggest thing for me to talk about.  I have smoked since I was 16 or thereabout.  I’m hating EVERY minute of this whole quitting thing and I’m going to share it with you!


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