Day 5 – Quit smoking

I am doing remarkably terrible this evening. This whole “quit smoking” business is on my last nerve right now…I haven’t smoked since Thursday, and, right now…I think I could scratch up enough dead grass to light fire to and suck into my lungs. Now…that makes me think…the entire concept of “smoking” is the most ridiculous concept ever introduced to mankind.

…****Hey, Joe…let’s roll this stuff into paper and suck smoke into our lungs…that would be awesome!!!!******, not to offend anyone, I can understand that thousands of years ago, some people were sitting around a fire and threw some dried cannabis in the flames…next thing you know…they are all giggling and asking grandma to cook up some mammoth steaks while they are having deep, intellectual conversations about the water stain on the side of the cave. That makes a little sense to me…but who the heck determined that a human could suck tobacco smoke into their lungs and think that was any kind of fun? For some reason, I’m thinking the original “peace pipe” didn’t contain tobacco…know what I’m sayin’?

Oh, yes, my friends…I’m pretty ticked off at whoever introduced my lungs to tobacco. I’m mad. Actually, I’m mad because something has that kind of control over me. I’ve not been sleeping very well since Thursday and this rant is secondary to my lack of sleep. I have always had an affinity for addicts. Maybe because I have such an addictive personality myself. Thank GOD my addictions have lead me to places other than the gutter.

Never think your feet are secured to the ground as you tiptoe along the edge of that cliff. And never forget that EVERYONE tiptoes along that cliff!

I WANT a cigarette…but I think I will eat something and go to bed….and pray for strength to get through this!


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